What do I actually get in the teacher’s pack?

First, the course content. You get this in several versions:

  • PDF (printable version). You can print the manual to give to your students as the primary course reference.
  • PDF (digital-only). If you prefer a digital version, use this. It contains clickable hyperlinks making navigation easy.
  • Web version. The entire course will be available to you online.

The course content also includes:

  • an audiobook version of the course. You can distribute this to your students at any time. You might want to do this before the course, so they can familiarise themselves with the teachings. Or you could give it to them after the course, as a refresher. (Some chapters are not included in the audiobook version.)
  • MP3 recordings of meditations (such as the inititiation meditation). You can download these and use them in class. Personally I find the meditations help me (and the students) relax into the experience, as I don’t have to plan what I will say during these key moments of the course.
  • videos demonstrating techniques. Again you can use these during the course (perhaps showing them on a tablet or computer screen), or distribute them to students for reference outside of class.

The last piece of the puzzle is the teaching plan. These notes, which I use myself, give you comprehensive information about how to prepare for the course, and detailed instructions on how to teach it, step-by-step.

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