How Reiki works

As explained in Reiki and science, the effects of Reiki are measurable. The mechanism, however, is currently beyond the reach of science. People are quick to fill that gap with explanations; the most commonly accepted is that Reiki practitioners act as channels for a universal healing energy, Reiki.

This energy is spiritual. Christians would think of it as the Holy Spirit, yogis would think of it as a type of prajna, and tai chi practitioners would think of it as ling chi. (If this seems far-fetched to you, don’t worry. You don’t have to believe in any of this for Reiki to be effective.) The practitioner, through training and practice, is experienced at manifesting Reiki energy, which comes from a limitless source. If the recipient is willing, this energy releases painful blockages and brings physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual healing. Most people, on meeting Reiki for the first time, report sensations of physical heat and emotional peace.

Characteristics of Reiki energy

  • It is gentle. If you’re not willing to accept it, it won’t force the issue.
  • It is powerful. It can bring healing to a vast range of physical and psychological issues.
  • It is universal energy, and this means that it is not the energy of the practitioner.
  • It is loving.

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