Teach Reiki

The teacher’s pack isn’t just for new Reiki teachers looking for a way to begin. It’s also for seasoned teachers, looking for fresh perspectives and additional course activities to add to their curriculum. Here’s what you get:

  • Gain instant access to the complete course materials. Carefully-researched content drawn from a wide variety of sources lifts the what do I teach? burden from your shoulders.
  • Teach in a way that suits you. Send your students a PDF to read before the course for a ‘flipped classroom’ experience. Or print the manual and give it to your students at the start of a course, walking them through all of the sections that you feel are most important.
  • Give your students a rich learning experience. Guide them through the subtle anatomy quiz game online. Share download links to International School of Reiki videos that demonstrate core techniques. Auditory learners especially will enjoy listening to the course content in audiobook format.
  • Rely on meditations in mp3 format during key moments of the course, such as the initiation. Playing these meditations will give you a space to breathe and to relax, and frees you to better attend to the emotional and energetic space of the student.
  • Know exactly how you’re going to run your Reiki course. The teaching plan describes everything you need to prepare before the course. And it guides you from the welcome activity on day one all the way through to awarding certificates at the very end. The core activities, in which your students learn by doing, are supplemented with discussions, as well as optional activities that you can use if time permits.
  • Make it your own. Everything you receive as part of the teacher’s pack is there to help you, not limit you. Feel free to cut any activity and content that doesn’t resonate with your teaching style, and supplement the course with what does.

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Teacher's Pack

What do I actually get in the teacher’s pack?

First, the course content. You get this in several versions:

  • PDF (printable version). You can print the manual to give to your students as the primary course reference.
  • PDF (digital-only). If you prefer a digital version, use this. It contains clickable hyperlinks making navigation easy.
  • Web version. The entire course will be available to you online.

The course content also includes:

  • an audiobook version of the course. You can distribute this to your students at any time. You might want to do this before the course, so they can familiarise themselves with the teachings. Or you could give it to them after the course, as a refresher. (Some chapters are not included in the audiobook version.)
  • MP3 recordings of meditations (such as the inititiation meditation). You can download these and use them in class. Personally I find the meditations help me (and the students) relax into the experience, as I don’t have to plan what I will say during these key moments of the course.
  • videos demonstrating techniques. Again you can use these during the course (perhaps showing them on a tablet or computer screen), or distribute them to students for reference outside of class.

The last piece of the puzzle is the teaching plan. These notes, which I use myself, give you comprehensive information about how to prepare for the course, and detailed instructions on how to teach it, step-by-step.

Can I edit the course content? I want to add some of my own materials and cut some stuff that doesn’t resonate with me.

Sure you can! This content is designed to support you as a Reiki teacher, it’s not there to restrict you.

The easiest way to edit the course content is to supplement it with your own materials. Give these to your students in addition to the standard content.

If you want to remove some content, the easiest way is to print the full PDF and then take out the pages that you’re not going to use. Distribute your customised course content to the students.