Why aren’t there any techniques in Reiki for removing blocked energy?

Many healing modalities distinguish between too little energy (kyo in Japanese) and too much energy (jitsu in Japanese). So why in Reiki do we assume that we can just keep giving energy to an area and solve the issue? Don’t we risk giving too much energy to one area that is already overloaded?

Reiki is different to healing techniques such as qi kung or shiatsu because Reiki is not about topping up deficient energy or removing excess energy. Reiki is about transformation.

It is the very beginning of understanding to think of reiki as energy, like electricity, which can be applied to an area that needs a kick-start. As your depth of practice matures, so you will see deeper into the phenomenon of reiki, which is a more subtle practice than that. It connects to the very core of the human (which some call the spirit) and looks for the quickest way for positive change to be affected.

With reiki, hyper-energised areas are transformed into balanced areas, and hypo-energised areas are simultaneously transformed into balanced areas.

If this all seems too simple, it’s because it is. Reiki requires very little intelligence or skill from the giver, just a receptive awareness of where the hands need to be placed now.

Nothing need be added, and nothing need be taken away.

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