What is the 21-day cleansing period following a Reiki initiation/attunement?

The initiations trigger release within you. This occurs on every level: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. You can therefore expect to feel a bit different afterwards, and for changes to accelerate in your life. This could be anything: feelings of peace, elation or sadness as you let go of unneeded emotions; increased physical energy or increased need for sleep as your body adjusts; or changes in your eating and drinking patterns as you let go of unhealthy habits. Since Reiki is balancing for the individual, everyone’s response will be slightly different.

For many people the initiation triggers releases of old blockages that have been held in either the physical, emotional or spiritual bodies. As these blockages get touched by the loving energy of Reiki they soften. The cleansing period is your first phase of reactions to this. Traditionally in Reiki we are taught that this cleansing period lasts for 21 days—the same amount of time that Usui spent on Mount Kuriyama, but it’s more accurate to say that the cleansing continues for as many years as you continue to practice Reiki. However, it’s especially important during the 21 days following the first initiation to give yourself lots of hands-on healing, to drink plenty of pure water, and to look after yourself with extra attention.

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