Can I learn all the levels and become a Reiki Master in under a month?

I don’t call myself a Reiki Master. I’m not underconfident in my skill with Reiki, but I think the term Reiki Master feeds the spiritual ego, so I choose not to use it. Most people don’t need to feed their spiritual ego. And what does Reiki Master really mean anyway? If you can become a Reiki Master in a weekend course, what can you say you have mastered?

I’m a Reiki practitioner because I practice, and a teacher because I teach. Those simple words help me be honest about who and what I am.

So the question becomes this: How quickly can you become a master-level practitioner or a Reiki teacher? The answer is: as slowly as you can. Get the most out of each level. Wait until you are crystal clear, with no doubts, that you are ready for the next level. This timing is different for unique people living in unique situations. Many people get a strong sense of knowing when they are ready.

Each level of Reiki has valuable lessons for us, but these lessons take time to learn. If we race through all of the levels, we are going to miss something. I’m talking about the things that we can only learn through the patient sifting of energies in the weeks and months that follow attunement, and the slow, steady molding of daily practice.

A common misconception is that at Reiki One you get a little power, Reiki Two more power, and Reiki Masters the most power. If you want more power after that, you can try learning lots of different types of Reiki, each one giving you a power boost.

But how could this be true? If it were true, it would mean that the people with more time and more money would be the greatest healers. The richest people who can fly around the world and get to Master level in all lineages of Reiki would become super-practitioners, and the poorest people who can only afford a single level one course would be very weak healers.

Effective Reiki comes from sincere, regular practice. You can move mountains at level one if your heart is right. You don’t get more power at the higher levels, you simply learn new techniques, and find new ways to connect with the energy.

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