I am doing very well and doing some self-healing since the course. Overall, I feel more energized and less stressed. Just as a quick feedback, the course was really nice and you are a wonderful teacher!

Flavio Bettarello, | Brazil | Reiki 1 (In-person) | August 31, 2017

As a psychologist—even if I am a spiritual one—I approached the broken balance just through the soul. I believed that we can heal just from our soul and then this healing process affects the body. Reiki showed me there is another way. We can heal from the body and the balance of the energy system will affect our mind. It works back and forth, not just in one direction.

Monika Sovari | Laos | Reiki 2 (Distance) | August 14, 2014

The learning aids and materials (videos, slide shows and the book) were amazing. Easy to use, accurate and sophisticated.

Monika Sovari | Laos | Reiki 2 (Distance) | August 14, 2014

Thanks a lot for all what you have done for me the last weeks/months. You gave me a lot of inspiration for my Way. Reiki is now a part of it!

Andrea Rüd | Germany | Reiki 1 (Distance) | May 16, 2014

[After completing the level one initiations] Wow, I feel so connected with myself. Thank you so much!

Andrea Rüd | Germany | Reiki 1 (Distance) | April 25, 2014

During the initiation once I felt that the energy suddenly turned and my pains and all bad things left me through my crown chakra…We know that the distance and even the time is no problem for the energy.

Monika Sovari | Laos | Reiki 1 (Distance) | October 25, 2013