How to Prepare for Distance Courses

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This page explains a few things to prepare for your distance course.

First, find someone who is willing to receive Reiki for the treatment practice(s) that you’ll do during the course. This will probably be a friend or family member. If they have never received Reiki before, tell them a little about what they should expect, for example, how long the session will last, and that it will be a deeply relaxing experience for them. Prepare a time when you are both available.

Second, you’ll need a room. You can study the course materials anywhere, but it is essential that you have a private room for the following:

  • The initiation
  • The self-healing practice
  • The full treatment practice

During these key parts of the course you do not want to be disturbed. Turn your phone off, make sure no-one will walk in and interrupt you.

For the initiation, you will need a seat or stool that you can sit on, and audio equipment to play the guided meditation.

For the treatment practices, you (or your recipient) need to be able to lie down comfortably. This can be on a bed, a massage table, or a mat on the floor. Get some pillows ready to support the head, and maybe one to put underneath the knees. If you intend to sit on the floor while giving the full treatment to someone, make sure that you have a cushion to sit on, so that your back is well-supported for the duration of the treatment.

During the initiation and treatments, it may help you to relax if you have some incense burning. Gentle music can also help the mind to let go and flow with the healing experience.

The initiation

Before the initiation, please send me a photograph of yourself, which will help me to connect to you. Download the guided meditation, and prepare audio equipment so that you can listen to it, preferably using speakers instead of headphones.

People often feel some kind of pressure for something special to happen during initiations. Your mind can become busy worrying about whether you are doing it right. Just relax, and know that initiations are always effective (unless you were to deliberately try to block it). The guided meditation will help you to relax and flow through the whole process.

During the initiation, sit on a chair or stool so that your spine is in a relaxed, balanced position. It should be of a height so that your feet can rest fully on the floor. This is important so that you can release energies down into the earth. Ideally, your chair will face east, but if you can’t do this, don’t worry.

At the beginning of the initiation, I will stand behind you, resting my hands on your shoulders. You sit with your hands resting on your lap, palms facing up. At a certain point during the initiation, you will put your hands in prayer position and raise them to your forehead. A short while later you will return them to their resting position on your lap. The guided meditation will tell you when to do this.

how to sit during an initiation

how to sit during an initiation

with hands raised in prayer position to the forehead

with hands raised in prayer position to the forehead

Time zones

To help ensure the strongest connection during the initiation, it helps if we are able to connect in real-time. Here is one way we can do this:

  • If you are in a different time-zone, calculate for this. On the world time buddy website, you can add my location by typing “Bangkok” in the add box. (Bangkok is GMT+7.)
  • Contact me to organise a time when we can both connect for the initiation. (The ritual, including the guided meditation, takes about 20 minutes.)
  • Give yourself some quiet time to relax before the initiation. You can meditate, pray, or just sit or lie quietly.
  • After the initiation, you may wish to give yourself self healing, or just lie down for a while. Often it takes up to half an hour for the energies within you to settle down.

Your Distance Course Check-list

  • For the treatment practices:
    • a room with a bed or mat
    • a recipient
  • For the initiation:
    • a chair or stool
    • arrange a time for the initiation
    • send a photograph of yourself
    • audio equipment
    • incense (optional)

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